• “Recommend her highly”

    “I was very pleased with the professionalism, willingness to resolve the issues quickly and reasonable cost. Mine was a very complicated divorce with a number of lawyers involved and Susan was always focused on an expedient and lowest cost resolution with ‘out of the box’ solutions to complicated problems. Recommend her highly”
  • “An Excellent and very thorough lawyer”

    “Susan is an excellent and very thorough lawyer who looks at every possible angle of a case. I found her knowledge of the law and courtroom capabilities to be outstanding. It is very comforting to have a lawyer whom you can trust during what are typically difficult personal issues. An Excellent and very thorough lawyer”
  • “No flies on this lawyer”

    “Susan did an outstanding job of moving my matter along quickly and to my complete satisfaction while dealing with some difficult law issues. I recommend her highly.”
  • “Impressed and thankful”

    “Two things really impressed me about Susan. Firstly her adoption of internet technologies including email made working with Susan more convenient for me, more productive and reduced my cost. Secondly Susan’s overall focus on controlling cost enabled us to reach a mutually acceptable agreement while minimizing both the time spend in court, and other external costs such as mediation and discovery. Impressed and thankful”
  • “Would highly recommend her services”

    “Susan is a lawyer who acts both professionally and compassionately. I know of lawyers who run up fees by intentionally dragging out cases and/or suggesting actions that cause drawn out debates between parties. This was not the case with Susan. She worked with me to make a difficult time as painless as possible, while always looking out for my best interests. Would highly recommend her services”
  • “Susan resolved matters with the least amount of turmoil”

    “I was very satisfied with Susan’s performance regarding my divorce proceedings. I felt my options were clearly explained and she made sure I understood the process. I have in fact recommended six people to Susan for their divorce matters. Susan was a true professional. In my particular case, Susan demonstrated how matters could be worked out with the least amount of turmoil. I would highly recommend Susan Dixon to anyone who needed an excellent divorce lawyer. Susan resolved matters with the least amount of turmoil”
  • “Needed Susan after first lawyer suspended”

    “Susan came as great blessing to me, especially at a time when I needed a very good lawyer to deal with my utterly complicated case. Susan’s thorough knowledge of law and efficient and proficient law practice helped me a great deal. I would gladly and proudly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a smart lawyer. Needed Susan after first lawyer suspended”
  • “Felt like I was dealing with an efficient lawyer and good friend”

    “Susan Dixon was instrumental in moving my divorce forward and to a quick resolution. Her prompt response to situations, professional demeanor, and genuine concern kept me at ease throughout. Felt like I was dealing with an efficient lawyer and good friend”
  • “Divorce Angel”

    “Susan handled my case in a very professional and competent manner. She is our ‘Divorce angel’.”
  • “Did an excellent job for me”

    “Susan Dixon did an excellent job for me. My divorce was as painless as possible because of Susan. Susan was a professional all the way. Did an excellent job for me”
  • “Not just another client”

    “Thank you Susan for making me feel like I was not just “another client.”